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Running a large scale fleet is a full time operation and good tyre management is an essential part of running your fleet efficiently.

With on-site tyre management service we place an experienced team at your premises to manage all aspects of your tyre inventory and maintenance requirements according to a signed service level agreement.

By monitoring your tyres pressures and performance, we’re able to recommend the best tyres and tread patterns for your operation. This reduces fuel costs and maximizes your tyres life. Detecting inflation problems, will minimize the risk of roadside incidents, like blowouts.

All rolling wheels under our supervision can be uniquely branded to prevent theft and provide easy identification, ensuring peace of mind.

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We understand that not all fleets are the same size and will not have the same operational requirements, so we also offer a revolving site management service for fleets with 40 vehicles or less.

This service assists smaller transport operations by providing professional on-site services without the full managerial costs, making it affordable to maintain your fleet.

Fitters and a site supervisor will be placed on site and a revolving manager will visit your site once weekly to ensure that the service levels are being met.



A quarterly fleet survey is also available on special request to analyze the data from the reports we provide against an actual analysis.

We will provide you with a report highlighting details on any problem area’s regarding maintenance as well as a full analysis of the tyres surveyed.

This report will give you a good indication of the current service levels regarding maintenance as well as the future replacement requirements of your fleet.



As part of our On-site service we also offer Scrap Tyre Analysis, which is the investigation of failure relating to premature scrapping.

This service is performed to highlight issues such as; tyre pressures, wheel alignment, rim quality, suspension issues and incorrect tyre selection.

We will analyze your scrapped tyres to determine:



Our Test Tyres service is a study we can conduct where we fit & monitor different brands and patterns to determine the best product for your operation.

We will record test tyres performance on a monthly basis, to determine the km/mm and comparative CPK with test tyre reports provided on a monthly basis.

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