As the largest retreading facility in the world –under one roof, we offer the assurance that we have the resources to continually invest in the latest technologies, as well as staff training to ensure the supply of quality products and we have the capacity to retread up to 800 tyres per day with our 8 chamber factory setup, positioning ATT as your retreading partner of choice.

Benefits of retreading 

  • Retreading provides you with a product that will perform just as well as a new tyre.
  • Get up to three times the life out of one retreaded tyre as opposed to replacing it with a new one.
  • Reduce the cost per/km over the life of your tyre.
  • Save money on your bottom line.
  • Reduce the number of waste tyres on landfills = a green process.
  • Uses less oil – New tyre = 83 litres to produce vs 26 litres to produce a retread
  • Retreading is available on special request for areas outside of Gauteng.

Why Choose Us

We adhere to stringent industry quality and safety standards.

Our technology places us among a handful of facilities worldwide with the latest automated computer controlled equipment.

Should one of our tyres fail due to workmanship or product defects, we will pass a claim refund according to a pro-rata
system for the amount of tread remaining.

We run a Toyota 5S factory, ensuring constant improvement of quality and our turnaround time.

Our factory is powered by solar power, ensuring no downtime.