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GRIP 6000

– Aggressive tread design, with internal structure engineering, gives a rugged look and guards against cuts, bruises and affords outstanding traction in various terrains.
– 2-wide steel belts, high apex filler, and high tum-up polyester casing ensure excellent handling.
– The tread compound is engineered for combining anti-wearing, puncturing-resistance, and road grips.
– A thick sidewall rubber gauge helps to minimize damages from off-road impact.
– Reinforced body carcass and jointless bead wire enhance steering stability both on and off the road.

31X10.50R15LT-L 109R 15 12
235/85R16 LT 120/116R A/T 16 12
245/75R16 LT 120/116R A/T 16 12
265/75R16 LT 123/120R 16 12

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