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Welcome to Auto & Truck tyres.

We proudly provide services to an extensive variety of segments, encompassing passenger vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, earthmoving machinery, advanced agricultural equipment, forklifts, and a broad spectrum of other industrial sectors. 

Boasting the world’s largest retreading facility housed under a single expansive roof, our expertise stands unmatched. We are committed to delivering all-encompassing tyre solutions that are specifically tailored to address the unique requirements of businesses, irrespective of whether they’re small enterprises or large corporations.


what we offer

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We specialise in commercial tyres for almost every fleet operation, as well as associated services to offer you turnkey solutions.


Are you a wholesaler or tyre shop looking for quality tyres that fit into your economy range offering?


Boasting the world's largest retreading facility housed under a single expansive roof!

Dedicated to serving a vast array of industries, our expertise spans from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks, sophisticated agricultural machinery, forklifts, and other specialized industrial areas. Nestled within the heart of our operations is the world’s premier retreading facility, all under one vast expanse. It’s here that we craft bespoke tyre solutions, ensuring businesses, be they burgeoning startups or established giants, receive the utmost in quality and care

Founded in 1987

Company Overview

Founded in 1987 by Rob Beaumont as a single tyre shop in Wadeville, we have a long standing reputation in the tyre industry for being a resilient force that always puts customer service first.

Our core focus is on providing the best tyre product and associated services to our customers, while remaining competitive and still offering value added solutions. Hence when we say we are customer driven, we mean it!

Over three decades of being a player in the tyre market, we have evolved many times with the changing economic climates and the ever changing needs of our customers.

Founded in 1987

Value Proposition


The executive team

Mike Tolliss

Managing Director

Marius Erasmus

Director - Chief technology officer

Steven Bradford

Director - Chief
Technical Sales Officer

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Rob Beaumont

Starting as a tyre fitter, Rob soon realised his desire to work for himself. Having noticed a lack of customer service, his focus has always been providing the best possible customer experience. Rob founded ATT in 1987 as a single tyre shop. He has owned and run many different businesses over the years – which all gave him invaluable business knowledge. Rob instilled a culture of exceeding the customers’ expectations and this still rings true in ATT’s assertion of: We are customer driven!

Mike Tolliss


After working for a London-based logistics company for three years, Mike returned to South Africa in 1999 and entered the tyre industry. In 2012, Mike joined ATT as the Chief Financial Officer. With his passion for business and an entrepreneurial spirit, he identified new opportunities for growth. One such opportunity was when he took on an added procurement role in 2013, which opened up the opportunity for our passenger tyre business.

John Smith

Fleet solutions manager

Having worked in the sales and service industry where he was one of the first to pilot an on-site invoicing system for a Blue-Chip company, John later joined the tyre industry in which he has gained over 20 years’ experience. John joined ATT in 2003 as a sales representative and was promoted to Sales Manager in 2007. Since then, he was promoted to co-manage the Fleet Solutions Team. John has a passion for sales and service delivery where seeing the customer happy is his own personal motto.

Steven Bradford

Fleet solutions manager

Steven started his career with ATT as an onsite fitter in August 1994 and today co-manages the Fleet Solutions Team.


“The many years have taught me the “ins and outs” of this industry and yet I still learn on a daily basis.Understanding customer needs, creating simple thought processes, and sticking to the basics, allowed me to grow to my fullest potential and this provided me with the service skills my clients expect. Service is not a negotiation, it is an expectation.”