Founded in 1987 by Rob Beaumont as a single tyre shop in Wadeville, we have a long standing reputation in the tyre industry for being a resilient force that always puts customer service first.

Our core focus is on providing the best tyre product and associated services to our customers, while remaining competitive and still offering value added solutions. Hence when we say we are customer driven, we mean it!

Over three decades of being a player in the tyre market, we have evolved many times with the changing economic climates and the ever changing needs of our customers.

Through our employment of industry experts, we have a collective wealth of tyre and industry knowledge spanning in excess of 500 years! We understand that each customer has a unique set of requirements and so our product and service offering will always be tailored to suit the individual needs of any operation.

Established in 1990, our first retreading plant quickly evolved and retreading became the core of our business. We have subsequently grown into the largest retreading facility in the world housed under one roof.

We continue to work closely with technology leaders in the retreading industry to increase our capacity to offer the best quality products in the fastest turnaround times.

We strive to reach a level where retreaded tyres provide the same life and performance qualities as new tyres.

Apart from retreading we offer a variety of new tyres. In 2001 after extensive research we determined that tyre manufacturers in Asia were producing products that could compete with established western brands. We began importing products that could be better aligned with our customers’ budgets and operational requirements. Today we import around 200 containers of tyres a month to maintain all our well stocked warehouses spanning in excess of 80 000sq/m accross nine provinces.

To underpin our new and retreaded tyre product offering, we provide a range of services related to tyres, including but not limited to a Truck Drive-Thru Centre, A Rim Engineering Centre, Onsite Services, a 24-Hour National Breakdown Service and more.

ATT has come a long way and our commitment to our customers is to become a trusted partner in business, moving forward together.


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