We offer a range of quality truck and bus tyres to suit any fleets’ budget and operational requirements. Our extensive range of brands and patterns deliver proven results in all wheel positions for long haul and regional fleets across Southern Africa.

We understand that tyres form a significant portion of the total operating budget of a fleet and therefore strive to offer affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Double Coin is our premium brand truck tyre and is a firm favourite in the trucking and logistics industry and has continuously proven itself as trusted among fleet operators of various sizes. Fleets have experienced great CPK reductions with the highly competitive price point of Double Coin tyres, while not compromising at all on quality.

Doublestar is our mid-range truck tyre brand, where quality and performance outweigh price and competitively perform against premium brands offering a greatly reduced CPK. This range has proven to perform well on the challenging Southern African roads.

Lanvigator truck tyres fall within our mid-budget range where performance and budget requirements are balanced.

Although the range is fairly new to our offering it is fast becoming a favourite within the markets mid- budget range offering.

Roadshine is positioned as our budget truck tyre range thereby providing customers with a more affordable option when costs really need to be considered but quality cannot be compromised. Due to the ruggedness of the tyres structure, they have proven to perform really well for cross border operations.