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Any operation looking to reduce the cost of running a fleet of trucks should consider or have a retreading program in place.
The more lives you get from one casing the more economical the operation becomes to run.
Our retreading offering consists of two main brands, The Leader Tread range from Leader Rubber Company consists of three brands across different price
points and Ringtread™ from Marangoni which is our premium offering.

Conventional practice involves a flat piece of tread that is applied to a tyre casing.
The casing is buffed to the best possible texture, radius and overall uniformity. The flat tread is then measured and cut to place around the buffed area.
For conventional retreading, our plant uses the latest automated technology to profile the tyre casing to the exact specification, apply the correct amount
of bonding material, precisely lay the tread, and control the vulcanising process to bond the new tread to the casing.
We have a wide range of tread patterns available that are designed to meet any fleet requirements.

We have three unique offerings:


Ringtread™ technology is the only retreading system that uses a spliceless pre-cured ring that results in no weak point.

• The ring is expanded and centered over a casing as a complete unit.
• It then adheres to the casing without any tension or deformation of the tread pattern.
• The convex buffing follows the curvature of the casing and ensures a uniform rubber undertread over the whole surface resulting
in decreased heat build-up.
• This technology gives you the closest performance and service life as a new tyre.
• The technology is licensed by Marangoni and produced by Leader Tread.

Milemaster is positioned as our top of the range brand where mileage performance is key.

Leader Tread is our economy range but is a top performer and is popular with fleets of all sizes.