In a bid to improve the quality of our products and the efficiency of our operation, we installed a powder coating facility at our Rim Engineering Centre in Wadeville in the latter part of 2018.

We look at the benefits powder coating rims has provided our customers as well as the results achieved by adapting our systems to be a step ahead.

A quick glance at what powder coating entails:

Powder Coating is a coating that is applied as dry powder.
The coating is applied electrostatically and is then heat cured in an oven.
This creates a hard finish that is superior and tougher than conventional paint and there is no running or sagging of the coating.

The process time is more than half that of conventional spray painting and this ensures a faster turnaround time which results in our customers not having to wait extended periods of time to receive their rims back.

A wide range of specialty effects can easily be accomplished which is not always required in the industry, but from an aesthetic perspective, there is something to be said about the perception of quality and brand advocacy when you see a truck or fleet that has good looking branding and rims to match.

Looks aside, powder coated rims have a higher tolerance against chipping and corrosion than their painted counterparts and so the actual benefit of using powder coated rims ties in with rim maintenance, which is a crucial element to ensuring a tyres full lifespan. As the rim fits far better on the bead and with no abrasive surface to wear away the bead, the longevity of the entire wheel assembly is improved which also results in cost savings.

From an environmental perspective, powder coating releases little or no amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This avoids costly pollution control equipment and is therefore a more environmentally sound practice.

The benefits of powder coating can therefore be determined to far outweigh that of spraying and ATT hopes to see all our customers take advantage of the offering.