We have identified a set of serious manufacturers that produce a range of quality tyres that meet most passenger and 4×4 vehicle requirements.

We source our tyres at a price point that is affordable for the South African consumer while quality is never compromised.

The Autogrip range is targeted at those who wish to balance their performance and budget aspirations. Autogrip tyres are positioned as our mid-range brand and have proven popular with the likes of rental car companies due to their trusted quality and affordability.

Autogrip also offers Runflat tyres affording the budget conscious consumer the opportunity to fit Runflat technology at a fraction of the cost of competitive products.

Doublestar tyres fall within our economy range and meet the performance aspirations for your day to day driving needs. Doublestar produces their tyres in a 4.0 automated factory. Check out the video here.

Our Invovic range of budget tyres offers good value for money and are accredited with several international certifications for example ISO & DOT. They are exported to more than fifty countries, including several European countries, the United States and South Africa to name but a few. ​

Budget 4×4 and Passenger tyres can be found in the Lanvigator range. The tyres perform very well and the 4×4 tyres in particular have proven popular among 4×4 enthusiasts, while being significantly more cost effective than the more established brand tyres, while maintaining a high standard of quality.