Whether your operation consists of a small light commercial vehicle fleet or spans to a national scale, we have tyres that will suit your operational requirements.

We service the tyre market with light commercial tyres to fit bakkie fleets, delivery vehicle fleets, one-ton trucks, taxi fleets and more.

Our Autogrip range is synonymous with quality and is trusted to perform efficiently by light commercial fleets of all sizes. The structure specifically designed for commercial use, ensures higher load carrying capacity.

Doublestar light commercial tyres are a robust option designed with increased resistance to impact, ensuring stability on the tough South African road conditions.

Our Invovic rangeof light commercial tyres are a popular choice when looking for a safe and reliable, value-for-money option for your fleet operation. ​

The Lanvigator light commercial range of tyres are produced in a state-of-the-art factory. They are designed with strength and durability in mind to carry heavier load. Falling within the mid-economy range these tyres will deliver while not significantly impacting your bottom line.