We provide forklift and industrial tyre solutions that offer higher performance at lower costs.

The solutions that we recommend to you are based on your unique  operating parameters.  Considerations when recommending tyres for your forklift and industrial machinery are higher speeds, reduced battery power or fuel consumption and lower tyre operating temperatures.

Efficiency  and forklift / industrial tyres go hand in hand. Lower rolling resistance means reduced cost per hour (CPH) for your operation.  Our forklift and industrial tyres are reinforced with high performance compounds. This contributes to reducing your CPH, while giving you the best possible tyre quality.

We have chosen Marangoni as our single brand for our solid tyre offering for forklift and industrial machinery. Marangoni is a market leader when it comes to cutting edge innovation and quality.

The range of solid tyres from Marangoni are suited to various forklift and industrial applications and will improve the efficiency of your operation. The unique solid steel rings around the base of all Marangoni resilient solid tyres, reduces vibrations, heat build-up and so extends the life of the tyres.

This entry level Jumbo®J2 is a budget tyre that is structured for low rolling resistance and high speed while still offering great stability and maximum safety and good comfort.

The compound used is designed to withstand heat and wear for a longer life.

This tyre requires no maintenance for guaranteed reliability and ultimately a reduced CPH (cost per hour).

This mid-range high performance tyre is structured for excellent load capacity, good stability and maximum safety.

The MIT ONYX Forza®F1 tread is built with an
abrasive-resistant compound which provides good rolling resistance and offers guaranteed grip.

The high performance groove base is designed for longevity, while ensuring low noise levels  and optimal driving comfort.

The enhanced structure of the ultra-high performance MIT- ONYX Eltor®E3 premium  solid tyre ensures minimal deformation when carrying loads and provides adequate surface pressure and higher vehicle stability.

The compound is designed for smooth running, low rolling resistance, low battery or fuel (energy) consumption with improved wear resistance.

Vibrations have been reduced to a minimum ensuring comfort and less wear on your vehicle.


There’s no doubt forklift tyres can pose a logistical challenge when needing to replace tyres on your unit. We offer a convenient on-site forklift fitment service equipped to bring and fit new tyres and rims, saving you downtime. Our on-site forklift fitment service is free of charge within a 100km radius of Wadeville, Johannesburg.

We offer standard sizes ranging from 8 to 15 inch tyres and rims and we are able to supply larger solid tyres, ranging from 20 inches and up.

Larger solid tyres are not fitted on site because of the size and weight of the tyre. We will collect your wheel assembly and fit them on a static press and deliver them back to you. *This service is currently available in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and North West province.

We can also source specialised application tyres and rims if you require. i.e. underground mining. So let one of our consultants know what you are looking for and we will source it for you.


Forklift surveys are a crucial requirement for any forklift fleet to determine the running cost and efficiency of your fleet.
We offer forklift fleet surveys where we send our specialist forklift team to your premises to evaluate your fleet based on the tyres fitted and the cost per hour.
We will then calculate the mm per hour, projected hours and cost per hour to determine the best solutions for your operation.