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  • Your tyre has writing on the sidewall.
  • The first number indicated in the image shows you what the size of your tyre is and the speed rating is indicated by the letter after the load rating.

  • Depending on your vehicle type and driving requirements there are many tyres that suit different applications. For e.g. Passenger tyres are for passenger cars and heavy commercial tyres are for trucks.
  • You should consider whether your vehicle is used for normal everyday driving or high performance driving.
  • What distance and roads are you going to be driving on.
  • Also consider your climate and get a tyre expert to show you what might best suit wet rainy regions as opposed to dry regions.
  • Other than having a puncture that cannot be repaired or a tyre fail (worst case scenario),
  • You will visibly be able to tell by the remaining tread depth left on your tyre.
  • If your tyre casing looks like it is dry and cracking it is also a good indicator that you need new tyres.
  • You can also check the date of manufacture on your tyre. If your tyres are 5 years or older you should seriously consider fitting new tyres. You can tell how to read the date of manufacture
  • Tyres age just like anything else and this affects the structure and performance capability which also affects your safety.
  • Yes they are.
  • Technology has come a long way and today retreaded truck tyres perform much the same and sometimes even better than new tyres. Provided you use a reputable retreading supplier, your tyres will perform efficiently and safely.
  • The fragments seen on the side of the road are usually from a truck tyre blow out.
  • This usually means that the tyres were not correctly inflated and the stress and heat build-up caused on the tyre resulted in a blowout.
  • This can happen to any tyre if inflation is neglected.
  • Indeed they are affordable and we take it very seriously knowing our products are safe.
  • Our brands of Chinese import tyres are expertly chosen for their quality by assessing the state-the-art factories they are made in as well as the materials that go into producing them.

We have chosen a select few to supply us with tyres we trust. Read more about it here.