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Fleet Management

This service involves Auto & Truck Tyres putting staff on site at the transporter to manage the full aspect of his tyre control and maintenance.
After an assessment is done of what is required we will put together a proposal highlighting the number of staff members required and at what cost. A service level agreement will then be drawn up ensuring that we deliver on all the area's that are key to our customer.
We guarantee that the fleet will be 85% correctly inflated within 3 months of Auto & Truck Tyres taking over the maintenance of the tyres. The correct inflation will be maintained at a minimum of 85% , failing which Auto & Truck Tyres forfeit the service fee for the applicable month.
We take this responsibility seriously and pride ourselves on our high service levels in this area.

24-Hour National Breakdown Services

Auto & Truck Tyres offer a 24-hour national Breakdown service, limited to South Africa only. We make use of all independent networks; i.e. Supa Quick, Hi-Q, DAD, Conti Partners and other independent unaffiliated dealerships which cover South Africa extensively.
Our 24-hour Breakdown number is 082 417 8566. Please ensure that you have an active account with us in order to qualify to use this service.
We will be in constant contact with you during and after completion of the breakdown.

Wheel Alignment

Benefits of Wheel Alignment :

  • Improve steering handling
  • Eliminate pull
  • Eliminate irregular tyre wear
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Check worn parts

We can do wheel alignment to passenger vehicles, trucks , busses and trailers.
Truck , bus and trailer alignment can be done at our premises in Wadeville or at our customers premises, all we require is a level area where alignment can be done at our customers premises.

Scrap Analysis

A technical representative is available to work through all tyres scrapped in the fleet, giving the customer a report which includes:

  • Remaining tread depth of tyres scrapped.
  • Breakdown of tyres scrapped; i.e. New vs. Retread, Tyre sizes scrapped and brands of tyres scrapped.
  • Detailed split between casing / operational failure.
  • Highlighting problem areas and driver related issues.
  • Value of tyres scrapped.
  • History of all tyres scrapped from first scrap report done for customer.

 Fleet survey's

 A fleet survey of your fleet can be arranged in order to determine the maintenance levels in the fleet re- % correctly inflated tyres, mismatched tyres, smooth tyres etc. We will provide you with a report highlighting details on problem area's regarding maintenance as well as a full analysis of the tyres surveyed i.e. brand analysis, tread depth analysis, new vs. Retread etc.
This report will give management a good indication of the current service levels regarding maintenance as well as the future replacement requirements of the fleet.

Load Studies

With the involvement of one of the local tyres manufactures, a load study can be arranged where it is necessary to determine actual payloads, load distribution and load per axle.  In order to determine the recommended inflation pressure for your fleet and its operational conditions.

Monitoring of Evaluation Tyres

It is important that tests are done regularly both on, New tyres and New Retread patterns available to ensure that your fleet is running on the product that will give you the best Cost per kilometre.

Our technical advisor will monitor “Test Tyres” on regular intervals and provide you with feedback regarding the performance of the “Test Tyres” i.e. kilometres travelled to date, mm left, average km per mm etc.

Once the test is complete we will give you a signed report as to the final results of the test including the CPK (Cost per Kilometre).

 Mechanical repairs

 We are able to assist with the following mechanical repairs , prices will be given on request .

  • Torque arm adjustments
  • Torque arm bushes
  • Rocker bushes
  • Stabalizer arm
  • Wheel bearings
  • Spring packs
  • U-bolts
  • Tie rod ends
  • Draglink ends
  • Torsion bar
  • Torsion bar bushes
  • Shocks on trucks and trailers
  • Replacing of axles
  • Replacing of truck king pins
  • Repairing of king pins
  • Re-greasing of king pins
  • Lock nuts on trucks and trailers
  • Trailer axle bending

Michelin Regrooving

Regrooving consists of regenerating the tread pattern from the existing under tread of the tyre.
For this, when the tyre is designed, Michelin prescribes an under tread that is thick enough to allow high quality regrooving without affecting the strength on toughness of the crown block of the casing.
Regrooving is carried out at a time in a tyres life when it is possible to optimize the mileage and the improved fuel consumption.
In fact when a tyre is worn, the lever arm represented by the remaining tread depth is more rigid than when a tyre is new. This minimizes the deformation of the tread pattern and therefore minimizes micro - slip.
The rate of wear is slower and the rolling resistance is lower than that of a new tyre. Regrooving makes it possible to increase the mileage by around 25%.


Regrooving conforms to the legislation in force in South Africa:

SABS 1550 - 1 to 7 and 10.
Regrooving is allowed on tyres that are marked " Regroovable". The National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act 93 of 1996) Regulation 212 (i) prohibits the operation of a vehicle with regrooved tyres that has a rim size of 17 inches or less but bigger size tyres are accepted.
We have received training from Michelin on regrooving and ensure that the process followed is according to the training received.